Re: Indy vrs the swordsman (was Re: My AP problems)

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:12:58 -0700

> >Narrator to Swordsman: "There he is, the guy you're supposed to take
> >he looks kind of winded. You're the actor, what do you do?"
> >Swordsman: " I try to overawe him with my flashy swordwork"
> >Narrator: "He defends with 'Seen it all before'" <rolls, tie> "no effect.
> He
> >pulls out a gun and shoots you"
> This is the one that bothers me.
> Swordsman's flashy swordwork is high, Indy's seen-it-all-before is low.
> determines the APs before Indy has a chance to choose what he wants to do.

Eh? I'd put Indy's "Seen it all before" a bit higher that 6! This guy (we learn in the second film, which takes place *before* the first film) almost had his own heart ripped out of his chest by a Thuggee priest. he saw the shankala stones glow of their own accord. Also, while *Harrison Ford* was sick at the shooting, *Indiana Jones* was just tuckered ut from various other fights. Certainly not enough to knock him down to a 6.

> Yeah, but hang on a minute. Make the assassin a real Klutz! Absolutely
> useless. No chance at all of harming the Duke. But he is first actor and
> forces the Duke to go hand-to-hand instead of use his sword. The Duke
> wins the encounter but, Damn! he thinks, even if I change to sword now I'm
> still clobbered by the low AP start because of this wally-assassin tapping
> me on the shoulder.

Klutzes can be useful too! He forced the Duke into a bad starting position. The Duke may have been the best swordsman in the world, but he couldn't use his sword. His other opponents have time to get ready, or stab him a couple times, or whatever (there were more than one assassin, at least as I read the scenario).
He is in a bad position vis a vis the other assassins, because his was prevented from using his "good" skill.

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