Re: Runelords and RunePriests

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 16:23:57 +0200

Alain Rameau:

> > >It looks like the concept of Runelord disppeared from HW ? Maybe
> was it
> > >"gregged" into something else ?

        Isn't this a FAQ? Unfortunately I don't remember the answer.

> But it means that there is no longer a big difference between
> fighters for the cults and priests for the cults, except depending on
> affinities and feats, and the skills known ?

        I think that the difference is - or at least should be - mainly social. After all there are examples of priests without true devotion (both in history and in literature). Priest is a social position, and is represented by the occupational keyword. Devotion requires a mystical insight more than religious teachings and standard cultural cult practices. A priest of Humakt tends the shrine, oversees funerals and keeps away undead, but doesn't have to be a devotee to perform all these tasks. An initiate or even an unspecialized godi (maybe a devotee of the Great Deity?) can do them as well. But the true devotee of Humakt honors his god fighting battles or hunting in the Upland Marsh, and not staying at home protecting (in some sense) the hearth - of course, then there is the Clan Champion...

> And is there RQ2 terms still used such as Windlords (Orlanth),
> DeathLords (Zorak Zoran),...

        I think so. Frex in KoS devotees of Humakt are called Swords. And besides cool names always add color. Saying "I am a devotee of Zorak Zoran" does not compare to "I'm Kragel the Death Lord"!

        All the above is IMO and IIRC.

	A devoted Alex.

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