Re: 4 Worlds Ontology

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 13:12:00 -0000

Nils & Nick :

> > 1. There is no mystic otherworld.
> Correct.

Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the 3 Other Worlds plus the Inner World : so, 4 Worlds.

> > 2. Are there chaotic otherworlds which are separate from the
> > three ordinary ones?
> Not within Glorantha.

Correct. But I hear that Greg is planning major revisions of Chaos.

It's actually a debatable point (not on this ML, though !!).

> But any hypothetical Realm of Pure Chaos would be external
> to Glorantha, by definition.

Alternatively, Greg has been up to his usual semantic tricks, blurring the distinction of 'inside' & 'outside' Glorantha !

BTW, contrary to appearances, this is a 'rules' post : heroquesting rules !! ;-)


Julian Lord

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