Re: Re: Scenarios

From: Graham Spearing <graham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 15:40:02 +0000

Matthew Cole wrote:
> exactly.

Good oh, got it. I'd still like to have seen the numbers removed from the players side too, but maybe that's something I'll work on once the game is published.

> However I am recommending that (at the very least) the pass/fail cycle be
> used as a log.

I can see that. I am better with group body language, but an abacus somewhere could add some visual flair.

> I think it's far more healthy to attempt to use the game system as
> presented, in its entirety. That is what was playtested, honed and crafted
> into a whole. After the attempt has been made and any misunderstandings
> ironed out, then consider making changes and sharing the reasons with the
> community too.


Of course part of the beauty of the approach is that Jeff's wonderful big Sartar book can *also* be picked up by a whole army of people who aren't interested in, tried and disliked, or were violently allergic to the story relativism approach. They can pick up Pendragon, Savage Worlds, FATE, Everway, HQ1, HQ1.5, [add long and unlikely list of games here] and experience glorious Glorantha too.




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