From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 15:06:47 -0400

guy hoyle wrote:
> I seem to have missed some very elementary rules about the use of affinities
> and feats. Namely, if I'm an initiate of a god, I assume that I can take
> some of his affinities, but how is this regulated? And how does that differ
> from what I get as a devotee? If I take an affinity at 10w, do I get the
> feats associated with that affinity at the same level, or is there an
> improvisation penalty associated with that? Do I get all the feats under
> that affinity, or do I pick some, or what?

It says in the rules you get all the god's affinities under the keyword if you start as one..

It also says, that when you BECOME an initiate you get 1 of the affinites when you join.  

When you are a devotee, you are allowed to purchase the feats. When you are an initiate, you must ALWAYS improvise feats.

Yes, all feats are at teh same level as teh affinity. That is why they (like the combat skill) are in a bracket. I would suggest looking at some of Wesley's sample characters as they are very well laid out and explanatory.

> Sorry, I haven't been following the rulesy parts very well yet, as I have
> only recently had an opportunity to read my copy of the rules all the way
> through. If anybody can help me out with an explanation or page references,
> I'd appreciate it very much.

I suggest you might want to look at the section entitled spending hero points and teh section called 'initiation in play' which is in the keywords.


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