Re: Patrons

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 12:32:45 -0000

I'd give them the two most important abilities (particularly Wealth...) with which they assist or support you.

> Is there a real difference between a PATRON and an ALLY? Is a PATRON
> like an ALLY except you can't call on them to help you, and they
> ordering you to do dangerous things: a FLAW, in fact?

You CAN call upon a Patron, but not in the same way as an Ally. A patron will fund missions, bale you out of trouble, aquire useful items, secure jobs for you, speak on your behalf, etc. Of course, he wants something from you in return... They will not normally provide the AP-lending support an Ally does, but are more likely to work out of sight, 'behind' or 'above' the level of the action.

> What does the ability rating for a PATRON represent? How often they
> call on you? How infrequently? How cushy the missions are?

The rating represents how easily you can get his help, or how often he calls on yours. The two are sides of the same coin. Exactly WHY he is your Patron is up to your character generation. He may be your Clan Chief, Warband Leader, Noblewoman Wife (you're a kept man, you know), even more esoteric Patrons like a friendly Dream Dragon or the local Hero.

> The more I think about PATRONS, the less I like it.

Think big. Patrons are your first step up to the big time (just mind the step...).


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