Re: Re: 1 Rule to Ring them all...

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 17:25:22 +0100 (BST)

David Stephen Bell:
> One fix that I think might work. Reduce the lower ability to a single
> mastery e.g. 12W2 to 12W and then reduce the higher ability by the
> same amount. Although this means slightly more complication as you
> still have to deal with the mastery and bumps, it's hardly rocket
> science, and it does maintain a distinct differential between single
> mastery and non-mastery.

This was suggested in 'consultancy', but rejected on the grounds that it make combats between two 19W guys... well, the obvious comparison is two Lancelot clones jousting, in Pendragon... One can decide to cancel in such cases, too, but not for (say) 2W vs 2W. The problem here is that clearly, there's going to an ugly 'seam' somewhere, and having it at (say) 10W seems a little odd, and also makes the rule that bit harder to state.

Whatever you think of what we ended up with, this was at any rate something that was much mulled over, and at least somewhat playtested before it hit the streets. So, you can pillory everyone on p4 and many on p5 if you don't like it, not just Robin and Roderick. ;-)


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