Re: NPC Hero Points

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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 03:56:22 EDT

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<< > In our play test, use of a Hero Point had to be declared before the dice
was rolled.  

 That would certainly be help in making them more 'Gloranthocentric'. Especially if you particularise it, say, magical feats, or elsewhere it's easy to rationalise investing a part of your Being in an effort... (If HPs represent something about the _character_, rather than  something about its Higher Power.) >>

     Ah, but then how would you justify the NPCs not having them? They can invest parts of their being too, can they not? And we've agreed that that doesn't work. Not that I'm saying Wesley's method isn't an improvement over the official one (for the sorts of campaigns I like to run) because it clearly is.


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