Re: knacks, talents, etc.

From: Weihe, David <Weihe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:46:39 -0400

> One of the things I liked about character creation in
> Ars Magica was "knacks"

OK, but not if they are used for things in existing skill sets that a character will have. I.e., although really, no one is going to become a very successful warrior without a Knack With Weapons, that is one that warrior characters should not be allowed to take. They could take Knack With Music, though, and Donanders take Knack With Weapons, etc. To allow it otherwise merely makes knacks additional augments.

> If so, you could have Orlanthi with
> "thrives in thunderstorms" Yinkini with "best in the
> hour before dawn", and Ernaldans with "Loves Gardens"

This is precisely what makes knacks redundant, though. If they are to be quirky, they should be _quirky_, not just an additional +1 or +2 to the usual skills that some players remembered to add on to their characters to get more power at what they are going to do, anyway.

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