Re: curious personal attack

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:50:03 +0800

>So, what do the Widow's Howl, Dusk-leaping Feat, Setting Sun Throw, Leaping
>Pursuit Feat or Sunset Killing Shield Feat do? You know as much as anyone,
>except maybe Greg.

But, from this snippet, we know enough that Widows Howl is a useable feat - whereas if you had just put 'Widows Howl' into the feat list for some cult, we would be howling ourselves. Some feats have just too little interpretation.

        FWIW I do actually have a fair bit of sympathy with the 'ambiguity is cool' point of view. I think for the majority of HW feats, what we have is fine. But for maybe 10% of feats, there is just a little too little information. Usually a single extra word in the Feat description would fix it. That is not a simulationist attempt to crush the flexibility out of HW - thats simple player feedback to finetune the existing descriptions.

        Refusal to supply even that level of added description, or insisting that its a good thing, seems IMO just silly.

        We could clear up 80% of the queries about feat ambiguity on this list by adding less than 10 words to the whole book. Why the hell don't we?


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