Re: Fetishes

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:11:59 -0000

> If you go and capture say a leopard spirit what sort of fetish do
you end up
> with?

Assuming, again, you mean what spirit do you get (the fetish could be anything useful, presumably a spotty one)? Actually, using the Bear spirit example in the rules, you get what trait of the Leopard you were after. An Ambush spirit, a Leaping spirit, a Climb Trees spirit, a Motionless and Silent spirit, whatever.

> What about an ancestor spirit who was a great hunter?

A trait or Ability he/she was well known for. Stalk, Walk Silently, Sureshot, Carry Big Deer, whatever.

> If a player shaman says he wants to make a fetish to help him hunt
how would
> you deal with it?
> I had envisioned something like the above examples.

I'd agree. But the Shaman/Spirit Talker would have to find one within his/her Tradition, or else deal with the resultant problems (it'll be 1-use unless it's Integrated, most importantly). With an Ancestor, you could just go politely and ask for help...

> (what does a 'wait for hours' spirit look like?)

Something small, hunched over, and very, very still... with very small eyes that follow you wherever you go...


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