Re: Fetishes

From: James Turner <j.a.turner_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:51:56 +0100

>On the other hand, if you do mean the fetish itself, how specific it
>has to be to hold a given spirit is up to your Narrator. You could
>have a hunting fetish, which could hold a Sneaky Approach spirit, a
>Wait For Hours spirit, a Keen Senses spirit, etc. (one of them!).

If you go and capture say a leopard spirit what sort of fetish do you end up with?
What about an ancestor spirit who was a great hunter?

If a player shaman says he wants to make a fetish to help him hunt how would you deal with it?
I had envisioned something like the above examples.

(what does a 'wait for hours' spirit look like?)

James Turner

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