Re: (nothing to do with) followers

From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 10:39:06 +0100

> From: "Jane Williams" <jane_at_...>
>Subject: Re: (nothing to do with) followers
>But could you apply your fencing ability to, say, spear & shield? Or
>2H club? Or Vulgar Brawling? I would have thought that at least,
>converting from foil to epee would have been easier than to some
>totally different weapon. But I've never tried: has anyone else?

Yes. I've also fenced sabre, epee and foil. I found switching hard, but largely because of the rules changed between them. I think the truth lies partway between these positions. Personally, as a compromise, I apply -3 improv penalty to cultural or similar weapons, -5 to others and probably -10 to really unsual ones.


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