Re: Re: Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: Robert McArthur <mcarthur_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 10:58:30 +1000

> > Both. The given feats (once you decide what they mean) are the best
> > known, and most frequently learned, feats in an affinity, and can be
> > used as guidelines for that deity's general sort of magic. But you
> can
> > make up your own.
> Think of the feat lists being the 'basic set' and those feats are the
> ones most of the locals know. I'd think that others can be done as
> long as they stay mythologically relevant with relative ease.
> Always,
> of course, with an improvisational modifier -- the more obscure or
> difficult the feat, the bigger the penalty.

(please excuse the language, having only just received HW I'm still working through feats, affinities et al).

OK, so if these feats are the ones most of the locals know, wouldn't it be useful to have some suggestions for the feats? I'm not saying _one_ definition of the feat. Perhaps Issaries could have a list of feats and next to each one, 5 examples of how it was interpreted in different games/settings. For example, Sunset Leap as words are almost useless to me. Sunset may mean at the denoument of a battle or encounter, it may mean the sun going down, it could be interpreted as the last thing someone could do before they die (the sunset of their life). How far can you leap? How much can you wear? etc. Given that supposedly this is something Orlanth must have done a lot in order for it to be one his his main feats - what exactly did *he* do? How did *he* use it in various ways? IMHO those mythic things are what I need to know in order to gauge how good or likely a hero is to be able to use it in some strange way that they come up with.

(still digesting the rules after the first mouthful or so)

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