Re: Re: Group Extended Contests, Missile Weapons and Positioning?

From: Sir Ethilrist <stefan.drawert_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:34:54 +0200

Tim :
> I don't actually have a handy example ready, but there was a
> suggestion here the other day (I think from Roderick?) that AP Loans
> would be one way of doing this, and on reflection this makes a lot of
> sense, even if it is not immediatly, intuitavely obvious.

that's the way I would handle it, solves some problems in a neat way...

> I have a suitable Ranged Combat feat in addition to my ranged combat
> skill. Presumably I can augment my skill using the feat before using
> the enhanced total (and AP's) to lend points to my friends.
> 1) Could I give an Edge instead? (+2 Edge, I roll against 3AP's but
> my friend gets 5?). This sounds a bit powerful to me!

I may refer to what Roderick wrote:

"An augmentation can give AP, give a
bonus to ability ratings, or give an edge. AP represents staying power and advantage, Ability bonus makes it easier to hit, and an Edge makes a hit more effective ("adds damage", basically)."

I would read it as: Since a character fires into a melee, the opponents of his comrades are distracted, so THEY (his comrades) get a bonus to hit. I don't think edges would do it here...
> 2) I have depleted my Ranged Combat AP's through loaning, but the
> combat is still ongoing. Could I continue to fire, but generating a
> new "pool" of points from my Ranged Combat feat? Presumably I would
> still need to somehow "reset" my AP's to start a new contest? (I
> move position to get a clearer shot on the foe, or I go back to the
> mule and fetch a second quiver of arrows, or some such)
> 2a) or would you say that having leant all my AP's in this way I need
> to do do soemthing completly different now?

I think that you cannot loan APs for the same contest twice. I would go so far saying that the character loaning is busy "firing arrows" until the melee contest is over. Since HW does not use a detailed timescale this would be no problem at all. Even if some enemy decides to disturb the firing character while the melee still goes on, the GM could rule it as 1.: the whole melee lasts only a short period of time, so he has no chance to reach the bowman
2.: he loans HIS AP to HIS comrades since he disturbs the firing character

or one of many other possible solutions....

hope this helps..;-)


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