Re: Group Extended Contests, Missile Weapons and Positioning?

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 11:24:47 -0000

My first reply to this seemed to get lost...

> 1) Could I give an Edge instead? (+2 Edge, I roll against 3AP's
> my friend gets 5?). This sounds a bit powerful to me!

Look at it from another view. You are converting the Simulationist "I shoot past my buddy at the bad guy" into the Narrative "I lend supporting fire to my buddy". Now, say the bad guy is a Gargoyle, with ^10 armour (a favourite of mine)! A 3AP bid is of no more importance to him than raindrops! So, although peculiar in game mechanics terms, it would be reasonable to apply the Archer's offensive, and bad guy's defensive, edges, while loaning AP to your buddy. It works, but sounds strange, and would allow edges to work. If you wanted, you could apply your buddy's edge if he lost the AP instead of gained it.

> 2) I have depleted my Ranged Combat AP's through loaning, but the
> combat is still ongoing. Could I continue to fire, but generating
> new "pool" of points from my Ranged Combat feat? Presumably I
> still need to somehow "reset" my AP's to start a new contest? (I
> move position to get a clearer shot on the foe, or I go back to the
> mule and fetch a second quiver of arrows, or some such)

You'd have to start a new contest, and it would have to be more than just moving for position for me. getting more arrows is logical, and as an archer, presumably you are able to leave the contest at will.

> 2a) or would you say that having leant all my AP's in this way I
> to do do soemthing completly different now?

I'd prefer that, personally, but with enough change in your activity (and time spent doing it) I might allow you to rejoin.


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