Hero Wars of the 5 Rings

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:22:27 +0000

as promised, notes on converting L5R to HW - copied from the L5rrpginfo mailing list, originally posted by Doug "Nasty Goblin" Pirko

> And hey, there's always L5R GURPS or FUDGE, I suppose. And L5R Hero Wars?

Don't laugh too loud. I only have "preliminary sketches" but I've spent more then one night in the cafe jotting L5R stuff.

Each Great Clan is a HW culture.

Each Family is a HW religion.

...and it isn't too hard to come up with more then just two occupation keywords, each of which can be different for each clan. Artisan, Bushi, Courtier, Magistrate, Shugenja, Monk, Yojimbo. Advanced experience occupations: Judge, Daimyo, Sensei, General. Plus magic keywords can be "school secrets" (let's face it, HW magic isn't too pyrotechnic) whilst shugenja can be sorcerors, Kitsu sodan-senzo can be shaman, and monks can use mysticism...

Lion Clan
Physical Skills: Kenjutsu.
Mental Skills: History (Lion), Bushido, Haughty Towards Non-Lion. Relations: Clan, Family, Dojo, and military unit are all appropriate.


Unicorn Clan
Physical Skills: Herd Horses, Ride Horses. Mental Skills: Geography (Unicorn Lands), Unicorn Clan Customs, Judge Quality of Mount, Tell Wild Tales of Gaijin. Relations: Family, Steed.

> "It's a big smelly long-nosed goblin! Kill it!"

Weez may be beeg an smelly, but weez schnozz is so wee an cute dat weez sumtime tink da faireys gabe it to weez.


...Got feesh?

Tim Ellis

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