Re: Sorcerous Spells

From: Kmnellist_at_...
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 16:02:18 EST

Has anyone come up with any other Sorcerous Orders? I am still a bit lacking in inspiration despite the Atroxic Church:  Book of Betrayal and Murder
 Book of Lash the Weak
 Ethilrist in Hell
 Book of Black Iron
 Book of Iron Chastisement
 History of My Black Horse Troop

the Dadivic Futurists:
 The Dadivic Futurists Book

the Makabeaen Lunars:
 Tome of Bleak Despair
 Tome of Grim Vengeance
 Tome of Humility

Order of Alhidar:
 Liber Carmanios
 Alhidars Grimoire of the Wind and Elements

Am I missing any other 'publsihed' Grimoires (The Violet Rule of Common Truth Grimoire does not count, yet, as it has no spells listed)?

Keith N

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