Re: Questions from our first session

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 20:14:29 -0000

Hope you had a good time, Bryan!

This is a good way to do it -- one or two 'hacky' sessions and then settle down to something more serious.  

> 1) Initiate vs Devotee--If I am an Initiate of Humakt.
> do I have access to ALL feats listed under the
> affinities? And, these are with a -3 improve penelty?

Yes. You have to improvise them -- think of them as 'sample improvisations'  

> If during the game I thought of a new feat, could I
> use it with a greater penelty? If so, what?

That is up to your narrator -- a -3 is for something pretty standard.  IF you can mythically justify it, I usuallly give a -3 or -5. Anything strange gets worse penalties.  

> Would I have to use one HP to keep the feat at the
> sessions end?

Initiates are NEVER allowed to cement feats.  

> How is are the above questions answered if I were a
> devotee instead?

A devotee gets all the feats. He does not have to improve the ones listed as he knows them. If he improvises something (with a -3 to -5 or more penalty) he has the option of cementing that feat for 1 HP with narrator permission.  

> 2) If each player gets one HP at the beginning of a
> session, can it be used or saved? If used prior to
> play, would it automatically be considered
> unrelated--say if I tried to aquire a new feat.

It can be saved. Its your HP. It can't be used prior to play. You are only allowed to spend HP _after_ play. And if you used it to get a new feat, you haven't used it in play -- that costs you 2 HP to cement.  

> I can always use that HP during the game to aquire a
> skill.feat/spell etc. Right?

AFTER the game, yes. Its your HP. And it doesn't count against the HP you gain at the end of the night.  

> 3) I am a warrior with a Spear and Shield fighting at
> 10w. I then augment my spear with a feat for a +5
> edge. I then use a feat to give my shield a +5 edge.

No. Spear is for attack, shield/armour is for defence. You have to choose when you're invoking these fears. I do not know how you got a +5... When creating edges with feats, you get +2 per level of augementation. You only get additional ability and AP when you agument.  

> Is my ability then 10w^10 for BOTH attacks and

_I_ would say you would get a +5 to each but they do not stack. One is for attack, the other for defence. It becomes 10w ^5attack ^5defence

> defenses, or is 10^5 for either? How does the weapon
> rank fit in? If it is 4--then is my attack 10w^14 and
> defense 10w^10? If my armor is rank^2?

The edges and ranks stack. Thus, you would hav a ^9 for your shield and spear of ^4  

> If I augment my spear and shield with a physical
> skill, such as STRONG, would the bonus be an edge or
> amodification of the TN. If used as an edge, then

Its your choice. You can augment the ability. Its hard to see how the strong would enhance the edge of your weapon and most folks use it to increase the ablility.

> would that simply be added to any weapon edge for the

Yes, it would be but, remember, you have to justify it.

> length of the encounter? What about TOUGH? Could that

Tough would only apply on defence if it was an enhancmenet. I would allow it to augement as a tough man can wade through blows thta would slow down or deter a lesser warrior.

Our resident sage (who attracts a lot of Zaps) uses Endure Pain regularly as an augment.

> be used to augment armor? Can I use both or only one
> for that encounter?

You are allowed only one mundane ability to augment one ability.  

> 4) We had trouble with SWIFT skill. Obviously that
> helps with running. But, One player wanted to use it
> to augment their fighting abilitywith an imnprove
> penelty. Would that be a fair use of the skill?

Sure. I'd let them do it. But they are allowed only one mundane augment on one ability. Its easier to say yes if the player justfies it. Afterall, the opponents cna use the exact same tactics -- and in my game, they do.  

Hope this helps,


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