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At 06:30 PM 1/9/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>>From what I gather of this discussion, this new category of "disciple"
>doesn't map onto the old "runelord" at all. It seems that just as
>"priest" is now mostly a social category - a devotee with some extra
>perks and responsibilities - lords have probably gone the same way.

Rune Lords were an artifact of the RQ game system and ought not be confused with Gloranthan reality.

>Case in point: the Wind Lords you can meet in KoDP. The best way I can
>describe them is "Powerful Orlanth Adventurous devotees who forego
>service as weaponthanes for the chance to roam around looking for

There is always a problem in trying to convert material from one game system (KoDP) to another (HW).
>Jonas Schiött
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