Re: Telmori

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 14:04:32 -0000

> This game them the power to shift

Peter said much the same, but as Hsunchen, surely they could always change into wolves, just as other Hsunchen can change into the appropriate beasts?

>(or made it easy for them to turn
> themselves into powerful wolves -- it is proably the source of
> magically hard skin)

but that makes more sense. If the Chaos taint made them more powerful than a normal wolf (Wolf Hsunchen) or was an "easy path" to changing form then it would make sense for them to be tempted, and then cursed as a result

> They could turn into wolves before. Now, they HAVE to turn to a
> on Wildday.

Are *all* Telmori (well all cursed telmori) forced to change, or only those who are normally capable of changing through their mastery of the Telmori tradition? (or are all Telmori capable of changing and the restriction is just a rules balance thing to stop everyone playing Werewolves...)

> The ancient Telmori took the power Gabji offered. At his defeat,
> Talor cursed them so that their new power turned on them. They
> also cursed with being wanderers, a curse that was only brokenwhen
> Sartar gave them land of their very own when he founded the Kingdom.
> Hope this helps!

Yes, It's becoming much clearer now, at least until next time I get confused....

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