Re: Digest Number 19

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 10:25:15 -0400

> I was recapping "official rumours" from the HW and HW-rules list that they
> were separate entities and one was not misapplied worhsip of the other. I'm
> perfectly happy to be wrong.

Yeah. I think Urox/Stormbull is weird or a special case but I like it that way. He/they have a great and important place in cosmology.  

> No.
> >believe they are the same divinity viewed through different patterns
> >of belief.
> There have been several suns in Glorantha. Elmal is also the Sun (for
> Orlanthi). I think there is one sun on the mundane plane (since time
> began). There were several suns before time began. I don't think there is a
> one-to-one mapping between mundane plane entities and entities outside
> time.
> Thom

I think that this is probably the case but I'd have trouble proving it. There are, according to the Glorious Reascent of Yelm, several suns embodying different aspects of the Solar principle. But that's pretty complex and rich for my blood. Just as long as we don't get into the Unconquered Sun debates of later day Rome...


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