Re: Correct List Number and Zompyres

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 12:16:25 -0000

Chris Ward wrote:
> In a nut shell "hear, hear, for Nick and Jeff".

Thank'ee kindly.

> I suspect I may be in a minority however and in practice most
> folk will be subbed to both.

Well, I am. Also, I stick all the posts from both lists into the same humongously bulging mailbag. I don't really notice the differences, except that I see real value in catering to people who don't care about rules issues on HW-Rules, and/or in catering to people who aren't interested in the newbie Gloranthan Q&A service we provide on HeroWars. It is just so easy to work out which list is appropriate, 90%+ of the time.

> Zombies are unthinking servants of whoever controls them.

Some zombies, certainly. But I want room for all kinds of "zombies" in my Glorantha, too. I don't see why ZZ zombies, Vivamort zombies, shamanic zombies, Pamaltelan zombies, Lunar zombies (!), etc. should all be exactly the same. Besides, having some zombies run at their enemies shouting "More Brains!" are *fun*.

I refer doubters to

Cheers, Nick

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