Re: Re: Correct List Number and Zompyres

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 10:47:39 -0400

Nick Brooke wrote:
> Chris Ward wrote:
> > In a nut shell "hear, hear, for Nick and Jeff".

Thank's Chris. I feel all warm. =)  

> Thank'ee kindly.
> > I suspect I may be in a minority however and in practice most
> > folk will be subbed to both.
> Well, I am. Also, I stick all the posts from both lists into the same
> humongously bulging mailbag. I don't really notice the differences,
> except that I see real value in catering to people who don't care
> about rules issues on HW-Rules, and/or in catering to people who
> aren't interested in the newbie Gloranthan Q&A service we provide on
> HeroWars. It is just so easy to work out which list is appropriate,
> 90%+ of the time.

Yeah. Some of the folks I play with are on the HW list and some on this list. Some are on both. Its a matter of preference.  

> > Zombies are unthinking servants of whoever controls them.
> Some zombies, certainly. But I want room for all kinds of "zombies"
> in my Glorantha, too. I don't see why ZZ zombies, Vivamort zombies,
> shamanic zombies, Pamaltelan zombies, Lunar zombies (!), etc. should
> all be exactly the same. Besides, having some zombies run at their
> enemies shouting "More Brains!" are *fun*.

I think you will be gratified in the future -- there's a lot of differnet ways to make a shambling dead guy...  

> I refer doubters to

You're a sick man. I can respect that.  

> Cheers, Nick


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