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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:45:59 +1200

James Turner

> >>What could be more unnatural than leaving the beloved wood and buggering
> >>off to an "alien" spirit plane?

>Me>Spirit Plane - is what?
> >Human concept - garish,
> >artificial, stillborn.
>It's the name the humans use for the place where all our magic comes from.

I don't think Elves see any difference between the place where their magic comes from and the Forest.

> >Spirit plane? What is that? We know the physical Forest and we know the
> >spirit Forest, but they are inseparable.

>Insparable, except for the fact that only shamans can go there and only then
>if they go into a trance and physically disappear in front of us!

Do they? You are quoting human experiences of the World of Spirits and this is radically different from the Song as experienced by the Aldryami IMO.

>The song of the forest comes from the living plants of the forest
>does it not?

Look at the description of Halamalao in the Glorantha Introduction p85. The Song comes from everywhere, even from those that humans think are not of the forest.

>Animists leave the mundane world and physically go into the spirit plane
>(going by current HW rules).
>So what do they hear when they go there?

Aldryami have no need to go anywhere special as they can always listen to the Song anywhere within the Forest (or in the Sunlight when young).

>Can the song of the real forest be heard in the spirit plane?
>Does a spirit forest have its own song?

The Song can remain after a wood has been cut down if that's what you want to know. Even humans can hear this song if the destruction was particularly traumatic. An example of this is:

         "The Men of Darkness descended on the north bank
         Aldryami manifestation and destroyed it.  The screams
         of the dryads could be heard for years, even after they
         were long dead".
                 Pavis and Big Rubble p176.

--Peter Metcalfe

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