Re: Re: Animism

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:13:55 +0200

Peter :

> I don't think Elves see any difference between the place where
> their magic comes from and the Forest.

Exactly : the place where their magic comes from, and the Forest, and the elf, and her song.

All is Aldrya.

> James Turner :
> >Insparable, except for the fact that only shamans can go there and only then
> >if they go into a trance and physically disappear in front of us!
> Do they? You are quoting human experiences of the World of Spirits
> and this is radically different from the Song as experienced by
> the Aldryami IMO.

Do the aldryami have specialist magicians ? Do they have shamans ?

> >Can the song of the real forest be heard in the spirit plane?

Do the Aldryami know of places outside the Song ?


Julian Lord

If, evil one, you have come
from a forest demon's lair

    from hideouts of pine
    from lodges of fir
that is where I banish you-
to the forest demon's lair

    the lodges of fir
    the hideouts of pine
    that you may stay there

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