From: James Turner <j.a.turner_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:04:33 +0100

Chris Lemens:
>Eat a lot of fermenting mulch. Dance through the leaves. Sing the Song.
>See the spirits in the forest. Take them into your wood.
>What could be more natural?

What could be more unnatural than leaving the beloved wood and buggering off to an "alien" spirit plane?

This highlights an unease I have with the animist rules as written so far:- They are dominated by the trips to the spirit plane.

I prefer my water spirits to be in streams and springs, stone spirits in boulders and rocks, fire spirits in bush fires and certainly nature spirits in the woods and forests.

Not that I dislike the spirit plane. I like the idea of shamans going there, I just think the majority of their work is done on in the mundane world.

James Turner
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University of Aberdeen

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