Re: Sample Gloranthan names?

From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 00:40:09 -0000

I am sorry! The discussion has gotten a bit too esoteric and possibly
a bit inflexible... =(

There's some great names in King of Dragon Pass, of course. That gives many, many of the common Sartarite names.

King of Sartar, avaialbe from Wizard's Attic has lots of names as well, Sartarite, Esrolian and Pelorian, mostly.

> Can someone point me to a list of sample names for various
> cultures? It helps to show players what types of names are
> appropriate for the culture their character is from, and I'm having
> little luck finding such a resource...
> Help, please?

Hope that helps. The Deluex game has a package of twenty four sample characters. From there is a wonderful links page, and in it there are a lot of peoples game's with names there. I'd suggest Dave Dunham's page.

And going through the Issaries site's Reference Library files has a l lot of names.

Sadly, there's no LIST of names on the Issaries site. Perhaps someone
would be willing to compile one?

For Pelorians, often anything vaguely greek or roman works. Heortlings are more celtic or perhaps germanic in tone.

For the praxian nomads, use something with an Amerind feel. The Pentan nomads would be more Mongol sounding, frex.

This is all of the top of my flat little head and others may have more
detailed files available.

Hope it helps.


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