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Now, that'll be very neat! Any chance TR will be available, oh, I dunno, yesterday? ;-)

Thanks again,


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|> Does anybody have any guidelines about distinguishing
|characteristics of
|> each of the Sartar tribes? I suspect that "Thunder Rebels"
|and "Sartar
|> Rising" will have this kind of info, but who knows when those will be
|> available? (And I still can't find the Glorantha book in Dallas game
|> even the ones that carry "Hero Wars"; it might be a long
|time before they
|> get around to those). I'm attempting to pull together some
|> my (hypothetical) players, and it would be nice to tell them
|> the tribes they've joined, or to help them pick one tribe
|from all the
|> others. (One thing they'd need to know in particular is
|triba attitude
|> towrds the Lunar Empire! Though Sartarites in general are resentful
|> the Empire, I'm sure opinions vary from tribe to tribe).
|The tribal information from TR looks like this:
|Location: east of Jonstown
|Claim to Fame: horse traders and Elmal worshippers
|King: Ilgalad Trollfriend, charming devotee of Elmal Rex
|Goal: prosperity
|Value: tradition
|Lunar Relations: 0
|# of Clans: 7
|Population: 7500
|Wealth: 14
|Alliance: Swenstown Confederation
|The Lunar relations are on a 1-20 scale, with 1="hates their guts" and
|20="sandal-licking quislings", and no, that "0" up there is
|intentional, not
|a typo :-)
|The Clan Generator (much like the one in KoDP) is included, so
|you can trace
|the roots of your clan back into the God Time. Some clans will
|have similar
|listings (The entire Colymar clan list is included, so you
|can see a whol
|tribe at work), but by no mean all clans (just to give you
|some room to make
|your own :-) )
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