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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 22:41:02 +1200

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> > What deities still exist who were/are part of the Genert Pantheon?

> > Issaries

>But with a different name.

I don't think Issaries ever was part of Genert's Pantheon. He's a Orlanthi deity at the first association that he has with Genert is explicitly a post-dawn event.

> > Eiritha

>Not sure about her : there should be some sort of Hykim/Mikyh
>figure, anyway, currently known as/devolved into various Tribal

Umm, Storm Bull married Eiritha before the Gods War.

> > Pavis (muscled his way in retrospectively)

By the time Pavis was around, Genert's Pantheon was long gone.

> > Flintnail (as above albeit as a minor spirit only)

Depends if he's a sorcerous entity or what.

> > Zola Fel?

>Yes, but ZF was likely a tributary of a far larger River that died.

The Seolinthur.

> > Aldrya?

>Was she his wife in Generti mythology ? (retroactively included
>by Pavis if she wasn't in his pantheon ...)

The Elves claim Genert to have been one of the four corners of the land according to GoG and they did live in a huge forest that covered Prax.

But since one of the five people that fought with Genert was the white elves, Halamdrya would be more probable.

>A Hunter god

I doubt there's a hunter god if the Praxians remember Genert's time as a time when Rabbits came freely to the eating.

>An agricultural god (who was(is?) the farmer god in Pavis county
>(who is the farmer god in old Pavis) ? Perhaps a goddess would be
>better ?)

Wouldn't this be Genert the Gardener?

>A sun god

Somebody said Yamsur once. Probably Lord of the Sky Spears. However there's also Bright Treasure from Drastic Prax and the Yellow-bellied God from the Glorantha: Intro. Of course these last two could be titles or epithets.

>Ratslaf? Hyena?

Hyena, yes. Doubtful for the others (and I know you're thinking about the Castle of Boggles on the Plateau of Statutes).

>A corn king ?

Corn comes from Ignorance. If it's generic grain, then I don't think Genert would specialize in any one grain.

Other Gods:

Ragnaglar (described in Tales #14 p21 as the Defender of the Daughters of Eiritha).
Strorkbrion, Genert's successor.
Golden People God.
Copper Warrior God.

--Peter Metcalfe

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