Re: Cults of Carmania

From: Kevin P. McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 11:01:25 -0400

Hey folks,

First, I want to thank everyone for being so helpful. I realize that you are all busy people, and that my little corner of the Empire is probably not as important to the majority of Hero Wars players! It does sting a little that Rinliddi is getting its own book, though... ;)

I have made a major revision to my page on Carmanian religion, based on the digest responses. I am currently adding notes on what groups typically worship which cults (Hazars, Karmanoi, Pelandans, ect).

If any of you have time, take a look at it and give me any advice you feel would be helpful. The address is:

One quick question:
Martin mentioned a Lion God, and there does seem to be a Bulls vs Lions theme in Carmanian history. Is there really such a god? I have swiped Durbadath from the Dara Happans, and suggested that it might be associated with Turos in Pelanda (under a different name) instead of Yelm/Lodril. Is there any such god? If not, might the Hazars of Imperial Carmanina brought this one home in an altered form?

Thanks again,


"Send in your Lions! Uh... Seriously. Please?" ~ Marconius, General of Ulawar

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