RE: Subject: Aspects of Orlanth

From: Dave Bailey <dave.bailey_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:51:30 +0100


> > Dad, dad, there's Orlanth the Farmer and Barntar, which one is
> >better at farming? Why do we have both? When do we worship one and not
> the
> >other? Are they the same God with a different name? If one is better than
> >the other why do we worship the other?
> I think they are effectively the same in many respects. Barntar is a
> specialized Orlanth:Farmer. You can't worship Barntar without worshipping
> Orlanth IMO. Barntar's myths probably include "Orlanth teaches Barntar to
> harness the Ox", "Barntar teaches men to plow" etc. Some Orlanthi may only
> worship Orlanth the Farmer.

        [Dave Bailey] Ok let me try an pitch the question a little differently. Orlanth is a Great God that has all these different aspects and can act with authority in those fields. In many cases those aspects overlap with other members of the storm tribe, in this case it's Barntar but it could be any of the rest. In many ways we have 2+ Gods for the same thing so what I'm trying to get at is why? How do they relate to each other? Does tribe A have a tradition of worshipping Barntar and B Orlanth with no practical difference, both get the same crop yields etc? Is Barntar just a name for Orlanths farmer aspect? If clan A are worshipping Barntar why him and not Orlanth?

                I think we agree that you can't worship any of the storm tribe without, to some extent or another, also worshipping Orlanth even if you only turn up for the clan festivals.

        I think I know what I want to know but I'm not feeling very eloquent.



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