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> Orlanth's myths make much of the free nature of his society and
> Ring. For clans to be, before-Rex, governed by a religious
> hierarchy trivializes this aspect of Orlanth for me.

Well, we know little about the nature of the Heortlings as members of the EWF. Even a requirement that Orlanth Dragonfriend be represented on every ring is more specific religious influence than later.

> I do feel however that
> this is aimed at foreign and draconic priests undermining the
> Orlanthi tribal loyalties rather than the tribal Wind Voices
> who would be honor-bound to obey their tribal king most of
> the time.

I guess this discussion boils down to whether you think draconic priests *are* Orlanthi priests or not. I suspect most were.


> So Jeff seems to think that the Vingkotling candidates must come from
> a noble bloodline,

I do as well, and if my wife and I ever do the Bad King Urgrain LARP, it will be Bad King Urgrain's position as only eligible king that helps keep him in power. (Bad King Urgrain is well known to players of King of Dragon Pass, and to me he was clearly a Vingkotling.)


> |Heortlings are the "core
> |Orlanthi," but Ralians will vary as will Fronelans, and the so-called
> |Orlanthi of Umathela are almost unrecognizable IMO.
> Now THERE'S where I can put some Hittites! ;-)

Talk to me off-line about Umathela (they practice slash & burn agriculture, which makes them a bit different right from the start -- this lets them coexist with the woods without turning it into cleared land).

Roger asks

> The Sword and Helm War (also referred to as a Quest and as a Saga) is
> mentioned in G:itthw as a disaster that killed off the Esrolian king
> and most of the adult males and led to the Esrolians becoming a (far
> more interesting) matriarchal civilisation.
> Can anyone point me to a source that gives any further detail on this

Enclosure 1.

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