Re: Alakoring vs Heortling vs Vingkotling

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 07:32:53 -0700

Ian wrote

> maybe Heort invented weregild

The myth in Enclosure 2 has Orlanth doing it.

Maybe Heort reformed wergild from the very high values Orlanth gave to values more appropriate for the modern era (which of course is not as prosperous as the Storm Age).

> My other concern about the term Alakoring form GIttHW is this: If
> the Rex cult is an Alakoring thing, and not all Heortlings are to be
> considered Alakoring (seems to be those NW of Dragon pass ?) would
> the Sartarites and Hendriki have the Rex cult.

I believe they do (and that the way the Alakoring label is being applied in the book is confusing). Hero Wars (the rule book) assumes that Heortlings are really Sartarites.

Peter replied

> >Although we now have "Command gods of Storm pantheon" as a Rex feat
> >so plenty more room for heated debate ;-)
> It's more than Command Gods of Storm Pantheon, it's command any
> god. Orlanth is the King of the Gods as well as being Chief of
> the Storm Tribe.

But the feat is indeed "Command Gods of Storm Pantheon" [HW.62]. Sadly, I don't think Yelm or the Red Goddess is affected in any way by this feat.

Orlanth's supremacy is manifested in other ways.

BTW, I remember something about a knight's full plate armor taking a year to make. Most Gloranthan armor isn't as involved.

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