Re: Re: Alakoring vs Heortling vs Vingkotling

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 22:23:49 +1200

At 09:38 16/08/00 +0000, Ian Cooper wrote:

>Me> But before the EWF, I do think Orlanthi priests would have
> > been no less loyal to the tribe than any other Orlanthi.
> > After all, Elmali and Humakti are fanatically loyal without
> > any need for a Rex feat.

>Although we now have "Command gods of Storm pantheon" as a Rex feat
>so plenty more room for heated debate ;-)

It's more than Command Gods of Storm Pantheon, it's command any god. Orlanth is the King of the Gods as well as being Chief of the Storm Tribe.

>I'm rereading Enclosure 1 and GIttHW to try and get a picture based
>on your (everyone''s) comments.

Also take a look at the Storm Age myths in Enclosure #2.

>So far the only thing that is clear
>is that while GIttHW says that Alakorings are different from
>Heortlings (in the Tarsh write up specifically) it does not clearly
>say how.

If I had known how, I would have put it in. But it was inserted after the original draft.

>Presumably the implication of the Lawstaff is that Heort made changes
>to the Orlanthi legal system - perhaps for the resoloution of feuds
>(the Helm and Sword war was started by a feud so it seems
>appropriate) - maybe Heort invented weregild.

Werguild was invented by Orlanth according to the Vingkotling's myth (p50 Enclosure #2). I have heard about Heortling Lawspeakers (as opposed to Lhankor Mhy ones) but I don't know how official this is.

>My other concern about the term Alakoring form GIttHW is this: If
>the Rex cult is an Alakoring thing, and not all Heortlings are to be
>considered Alakoring (seems to be those NW of Dragon pass ?) would
>the Sartarites and Hendriki have the Rex cult.

The Sartarites do have the Rex cult but the Hendreiki do not (mainly because they do not have Rexes any more - they have barons and earls instead). Alakoring was active around 920 ST whereas Dragon Pass wasn't closed to humanity until two centuries later. That's more than enough time for the Heortlings to learn about Rex.

--Peter Metcalfe

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