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> >Actually, this does happen in Dragon Pass, or at least historically --
> >in the case of several example clans in King of Dragon Pass. If you
> >prefer, KODP is not a good example -- though I think its the best
> >example of how to live like an Orlanthi out there.
> I should have said early 17th Century Dragon Pass. I'm still thinking over
> how often it is.

Yes. 17th century Dragon pass is moving away from the Clan being the center of life to the bloodline/family and tribe taking a greater role. Nationalism and greater wealth means that the survival unit of the clan is growing less important.

Sort of parallelling the differences between, say, the Scots during the 12th century and the viking immigrants to Iceland in the 13th century -- the family had become paramount.

Hmm. I am not making sense am I?

But in KODP, there's the Clan That Worships A Big Killer Rock, the wandering kolati sort-of-outcasts, the Rock That Lives on Your Tula, and a few others that I will think of about five minutes after I send this email...  

> >In it, there are several clans who have strong ties to powerful local
> >spirits. These clans, while unusual, are probably not uncommon. In
> >Tales of the Reaching Moon, one of the Lismelder Clans (Hill Haven)
> >seems to have strong kolating ties.
> They were orginally Umathi (In my vague recollection). This was the example
> I was thinking of.

Yeah. That was it. They were umanthi (kolating, same difference)  

> >One thing that's been said -- you are called by a god. But if you;re
> >called by something else, then what do you do?
> Go out on the hillside and freeze!

Sounds like my stay in Iceland. Brr. Nice rocks, nice ice, *very* nice people, lousy climate and too much fish.


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