RE: Locaem and Fire Bull

From: Dave Bailey <dave.bailey_at_...>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:37:24 +0100


Absolutely, yes please, I was about to start doing that stuff myself. OTOH TR's arrival has too much potential to Greg me to death so I'm kinda working more on the ungregable (oxymoron?) stuff for now. Could you send it to my home address stormkahn_at_... .

Thanks very very much


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> Dave Bailey wrote:
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> > Hello All,
> > I just thought I'd go fishing for extra information on some
> stuff,
> > like many I'm working my way up to starting a campaign and have chosen
> to do
> > it with a clan from the Locaem tribe.
> My current campaign (in which Charles Corrigan is a player) is set in
> the neighbouring Sambari tribe, and has become centred on the Fire
> Bull clan. I'll send my campaign background information to anyone who
> wants them (it's too large to broadcast, and I don't have a web
> site). My Wilmskirk information might be of particular interest to
> you.
> Contact me off list to arrange this.

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