From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 11:53:54 -0700

> One of the intriguing things about Heroquesting is that you can meet
> on the Hero Plane who is on a separate heroquest. Is this simply a matter
> of coincidence, or is there a technique for knowing when someone has begun
> quest and a method of getting to a predesignated point on the quest? It
> seems like this is a very tricky procedure, and full of peril.

You may meet them, but you probably won't *recognize* them. If you are doing a quest where you encounter, say, Zorak Zoran, you won't know if ZZ is actually another person (a ZZ devotee doing his own quest), or not, and if it is, is it the devotee that you ran into in SnakePipe Hollow or not? As far as *you* can tell it is Big Nasty himself.

Heroquesting is *always* tricky and full of peril! Encounters will be tailored (by the world) just for you. If you take the Lightbringer's quest (the real, go to hell and back, one), you will *not* encounter the same entities and experiences that Orlanth & crew or Harmast did. You'll be confronted by your own failures and enemies. You will face *your* greatest fears and challenges, *your* enemies and allies.

Now, the Hero Wars period is one where people are experimenting more & more with the other side. The Lunar magicians are particularly keen to find out what they can get away with on the Other side - remember that the Pharaoh is assumed to have been taken out on the Other Side by Jar-eel (it is Jar-eel, isn't it? too lazy to look it up...). People are experimenting in a manner not seen since the God learners, or Arkat, and look what happened thto them! Can you say "end of the world as we know it?"


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