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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 09:54:03 -0400

bryan neff wrote:
> I was thinking it would be his hand. Now that it is free from its keep it
> is
> >sucking the life from the surrounds, summoning lesser creatures and chaotic
> >beasts to guard it and bring it victims for blood sacrifice (ie the rest of
> >villagers), all the while it grows in power and abilities.
> I feel that Gbaji/Nysalor would lack internal power. This fits with
> sacrifices to energize it.

Possibly. At first. it depends on how you, the narrator, feels it works. I find such things inherrently corrupting and readily noticed by other chaotics (at least more than most things would be) as either like calls to like or both are Things That Should Not Be Here  

> Yes I was thinking that the intitial sacrifices would 'bring it back to
> life' then it would start draining life force from those who come in contact
> with it. As it drains power, it grows in strength.

Mmmm. Dunwich Horror or Colour Out Of Space for some thoughts on THAT idea.  

> I imagined that the hero's would struggle to capture it from the tomb then
> have to lug it around while they think of a way to to bury it again--perhaps
> drop it in a volcano. Meanwhile, they are weakening as hordes of chaos
> nasties follow them trying to get it back!
> Also, I imagined that a small elite Lunar force may be a third player--they
> want to recover the hand to study/tap its power. I was thinking of a Coder's
> like group called the Seekers whow are a heroband devoted to investigating
> 'paranormal threats/otherworld' to the Empire.

Probably. I understand there's a sorcerous cult that specializes in studying 'Active Entropy'  

> >Now is this "do-able" in Gloranthan mythos, if not technically, with slight
> >modifications. And what would it take to destroy it or contain it again?
> >
> >If the remains of Nysalor are too powerful, what about another dead chaos
> >nastie like the Devil?
> Gbaji fits better ...

The problems is that Arkat himself put away the hacked up goey bits. And I think he did a through job. The man was *good* at devastation.  

> There seems to be some dispute over this. Others commented they did not like
> that as Nysalor/Gabaji was "too subtle". I wonder if we can come to a
> consensus?

Consensus is probably not possible but I'd think that if you want subtle corruption causing unexpected tentacles, I'd go with Gbaji... though Krijalk would probably be the mechanism I'd use myself. Its a bit better defined in the literature.  

> 1) In my mind someone must have sacrificed to it in order to allow it to
> manifest powers (I could be wrong). Who?
> 2) There are lots of lunar heroes who want that hand! (plot twist)
> Yes see above.
> 3) I don't think it can be destroyed. Destroy the summoner? Eat it (if you
> are a troll)? Summon a darkness spirit to contain/imprison? Put it
> somewhere really tricky to get out of (hell: c.f. the Rising Dark entry to
> hell, a volcano?).

If it was hidden away adn warded, the folks at the time were probably not able to destroy it. It could be linked to something they wanted alive (the fertility of the land or a favored god) and destroying it would take out both. They could have been too weakened by the struggle or, since they lived in a golden age and we don't, they were just far more powerfrul than we and we're just Not Worthy! (Typical 'looking to the past' attitude of many cultures).

But there are just somethings that PC's can't deal with as its out of their league. You have to call in experts (WHo? Top men. Which ones? Top Men.)  

> Volcano or Magastas Pool or Hell Crack?

Um, Mount Doom?  

> Thanks again Thom, Jeff, Mikko, etc.


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