Subject: Re: Vinga's holy days

From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 15:00:41 +0100

> From: "Jane Williams" <jane_at_...>
>> From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
>> I've got them as Clayday of Movement week (the day before). From ... Jane
>> Williams. Probably. Willing to be corrected!
>> Thom
>That's when I put them when I wrote my Vinga cult write-up. But, (big
>but), that's because I based them on her Runes. Air, Earth, Movement.
>Since then HW has come out, they've invented a bunch more Runes,
>and haven't said which deity gets which ones. I have no idea if Vinga
>still has Air, Movement, and Earth in their opinion. My Vinga has: yours
>may not. And if those aren't her Runes, she's probably got a different
>Holy Day.

Hi Jane,

Here is my present take on it. Clayday of Movement Week of Storm Season seems logical as the high holy day. Storm Season from pantheon. Movement week - no problem - Vinga still has a movement rune and now has the affinity to go with it. Clayday is the tricky bit. My initial reaction was that clayday was wrong for Vinga. Since then I've changed my opinion because the logical alternative was Orlanth's holy day (not a big problem but a bit disappointing). I now feel that Clayday fits because it recognizes that Vinga comes from Earth but moved towards Storm. Windsday is the following day and hence Vinga's holy Day starts with Earth and ends with storm.

Symbolically this works for me. Holy days vary from locale to locale (at least for some deities) so it could be that some Vingans worship from dawn on Windsday, leaving Orlanth to focus on Midday to dusk (the culmination of his power?).


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