Re: Meldek in our midst

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 15:27:17 -0500

Phil Hibbs wrote:

> Can annyone think of a cool reason why an Orlanthi clan might keep a Meldek
> sorceror around. I have an awkward player who insisted on playing a sorceror
> character in what was supposed to be a typical Orlanthi clan based game. He
> isn't even an Aeolian, his magic doesn't fit.
> One factor that helps is that the clan in question can field the largest
> army of any in Dragon Pass, and the character has a mastery in "Military
> Genius".
> I'm looking for plausable reasons to not have him killed.
> Phil.

Pity! Can my Thorvald Meldekbane heroband come visit? Pleeeeze? Huh? Can we?

Its always awkward when a player insists on playing an open game when you're wanting a closed one. Perhaps he's done some wonderfully scrummy thing for the clan? Saved their wyter or something equally massive that was the difference between extinction and survival. Personally, I hate having to do things that heavy handed.

Of course, if youre clan is lunar or Rokari-sympatetic, he could be a Reeve or Tax gatherer who is imposed or allied with the clan. Again, awkward but possible.

I'd hate to go with divine fiat. Its terribliy subject to abuse. And if a player is this awkward, one might be wary of further abuses...

And I'd never, EVER let him buy any relationship to the clan... or at least, buy it up. And never give him much time of day from the clan, ever.

He's going to have trouble getting new spells or grimoires too. A lot of trouble. (Yes, I'm just nipping off to town to learn some more perverted and unlawful magic. I'll need an escort, oh, and some gold to pay for it...)

Sorry, I'm cynical today.


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