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Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 15:43:04 -0500

Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:

> > Of course if you've been bad, that arch bad-boy Gagarth and his hounds
> > may just hunt your soul off its path and leave you to drift in the
> > Middle World until you're dispatched or helped.
> Yep, that's one way that your god can't help you (unless he really wants to
> take on Gagarth, and even Orlanth didn't manage to tame him)

Or having a good psychopomp for your pantheon -- Issaries comes to mind. And sticking close to him.  

> Of course I have a vision of a Orlanthi mother telling her kids not to dip
> into the stewpot early "or Gagarth will get you!"

Well, that's what MINE do. At least one of my PC's threatened his kids with the Bad Wind would get them if they didn't behave. (The kid replied "You can't make me do anything!" -- I forsee trouble there...)  

> > Interesting. Sort of like the Alien World modifier. This has the
> > virtue of not creating any new charts and tables. Thus, that Dara Happan
> Exactly. Trying to perform the "proper rites" on a foreigner can lead to all
> sorts of problems. That Dara Happan will *not* want to go to Orlanth's
> Meadhall to live out the Afterlife, and our TKT mortician most likely

Probably not -- though I recall that little St. Emalus Misapplied Worship gag of a few weeks ago.

> doesn't have the right rituals to send him to Yelm's Bright Court (or where
> ever good DH's go). Of course, if the ghost is *too* much of a nusiance, the
> local humakti will come in and kick it's butt properly.

Or the local kolating -- though they deal more in errant _spirits_, you are right. I'd never really considered Ghost-Busting as an occupational duty of the Humakti...  

> > we crucified last week would be at that -10. And that Meldek we killed
> > would be a -20.... I knew we should have taken him off to tula before
> > offering him up...
> My feeling is that Crucifiction will kill the poor sod dead dead dead - no

That's the way I have it rigged -- but the reason is that you're on the tree for a week or until you're raven poo. Of course, the whole ritual that the DH have around crucifixion is probably the reason why its such a permanent solution to irritating Orlanthi.

> resurrection, no haunting, no wandering the world looking for revenge. He's
> not just mostly dead, he's all dead. (As long as it is done properly by a
> true Humakti or other death - sorry, DEATH - cult.

So we can go through his pockets looking for loose change? Actually, I'd allow Wizards to do this as well -- what would Ethilrist be without crucifixions and floggings and all that wonderful pseudo-Cromwellian creepyness?

I might even let DH types get away with it simply because it seems to _fit_ the style. I'll think of a mythic reason later. So what if it makes me a bad gm.  

> A thought - TKT may know how to "banish" a ghost by sending it to another
> place in the mortal world - "We don't know how to bury you properly - go
> away and see if someone else does!" Eventually the poor ghost may end up

This sounds curiously like the Daka Fal and KL death prayer of yore.

> with someone who knows how to lay it to rest with the right ceremony. Of
> course, that won't work with all ghosts...
> RR

Or it may end up in a glass jar on someone's workbench feeling very annoyed. (Isn't that right, Thorngast?)

Thanks for the clarification,


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