Herowars Polls

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 17:53:41 EST

The two polls at the list website have now closed, so I thought I'd comment on the final results.

POLL QUESTION: Roughly how powerful are the player characters in your current game of Hero Wars? Are their best three abilities generally in the range:

- 20 or below, 3 votes, 4.92%

     I suspect this means that most games are still relatively new - maybe we'll ask the question again at the end of the year! The upcoming HW scenarios apparently assume that the typical player group has characters in the 1W2 to 10W2 range (although they are readily adaptable, I gather) indicating that most of you have a way to go yet before becoming 'average'!

     OTOH, only two players (I assume from the same campaign) are higher than that, and they're presumably aware that their campaign isn't typical, which at least indicates that Issaries aren't underestimating character power level
- which would, I think, be more a problem than overestimating it, since its
easier for a GM to ensure PCs improve than to reduce their power!

     And one in six of the people who answered the poll don't actually play the game system that it ostensibly supports, which probably shows the versatility of Glorantha, and/or the enduring appeal of RQ. One suspects that proportion would have been a lot lower had the poll been of the HW-Rules List, but its still interesting...

POLL QUESTION: Which of the following planned Hero Wars players books are likely to be of interest to you?

- Heortling, 62 votes, 17.17%

    Note that the percentages are of total votes cast, not of the number of people voting. I suspect the 63 votes for the Lunar book is unanimous, so my comments will be based on that assumption.

      The main impression I get is that only about half of you have any intention of bringing your campaign out of the Dragon Pass area, where heortlings, Lunars and trolls rub shoulders with the occasional dwarf or elf. Looks like one of Issaries' goals should be convincing people that there's good gaming to be had beyond DP...

      Most of you still haven't had enough copies of the Kyger Litor cult, which suggests to me that people are mostly interested in seeing directly gameable info on cultures they already know a fair bit about - or aldryami and mostali wouldn't be quite so far behind the uz. I'm also guessing that a fair few of the 'Other' voters are Prax-fans wanting more on their favourite setting, since it seems a pretty high vote just for Pamaltela!

    None the less, the fact that at least half of you want one or more player books on areas with relatively little coverage so far is encouraging - at least to those of us who are writing this stuff!

    Obviously, all of this speculation should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, and is for fun, not market research. Less than a quarter of list members voted (which sounds a pretty reasonable response to me, BTW) and the vast majority of HW players presumably aren't on the list anyway. Still, if anyone has any suggestions for any other fun-but-not-statistically-representative polls we could post, get in touch...


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