Re: Re: re:Alakorings and Heortlings

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 08:05:44 -0800

>>The difference between Heortling and Alakoringite is one of
>>kingship magic and rites. "Heortling" in this case has two
>>meanings: one refers to a tribe whose kingship magic and rites is
>>that established by Heort; the other is a cultural and linguistic
>>group that is descended from the ancient Heortling tribes. As
>>such, tribe can be both Alakoringite and Heortling.
>It's nice to see that HW is clarifying and simplfying things. I hope
>this is not the sort of thing we can expect from TR (Out really really

Why should HW "clarify and simplify" cultures and religious practices? As long as the game mechanic itself is fairly clear and simple (and I have a lot of faith that TR will be much clearer than the first series of game books), then cultural complexity is a virtue not a vice. One of the principle reasons that Glorantha is an interesting game world to write for and to game in is its complexity and its contradictions.


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