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>Does anyone have further details of the Righteous Wind rebellion in Far
>Point, or references that I can consult (I know details are due to appear
>in a scenario in the next, and sadly final, ToTRM).
         "Another important rebellion occurred primarily among
         the Aldachuri.  Around 1606 many priests of Orlanth
         agitated for violent expulsion of the lunar missionaries
         among their tribes.  Lawsuits and feuds had already
         disrupted the tribes for five years, and in 1616 many
         tribal moots broke up in dispute.  The Orlanthi supporters
         raised the Righteous Wind and took up arms.  The same
         year in Storm season, the city of Aldachur was torn
         asunder by rival mobs of Orlanth and Lunar supporters.
         At last Harvar Ironfist, a noble of the Vantaros tribe,
         attacked the Orlanthi with his windwalking thanes and
         destroyed his rivals inside the Orlanthi holy site.  He
         was made Prince of the Aldachuri and ordered all clans
         to purge themselves of all who would not submit to the
         Red Moon.  A new flood of refugees swarmed southwards.
                         KoS p144.

         Defeat of the Righteous Wind (1611).  Cruel civil war
         in northern sartar climaxed when the Duke of Alda-chur
         suppressed the Orlanthi cult in all that realm with
         fire, sword and blood.
                         DW#28 p31.

>As I understand this was an Orlanthi (traditionalist) uprising against
>solar influences. And led to Harvar Ironfist seizing power.

Against Lunar influences but the result was the same.

>So, was Harvar one of these 'solar influences' (i.e. Elmali/Yelmalion)?

Some material (Home of the Bold freeform, Runequest Adventures #5) says he is.

>I read somewhere (can't remember where) that he had Gagarthi housecarls,
>where did they come from/fit in?

The windwalking thanes above. Windwalking is a power known to belong only to Gagarth so far. I once had the idea that Danfive Xaron was formerly a Gagarthi bandit and so these thanes were once Gagarthi but had reformed themselves into Xaroni.

>Also (as mentioned in Tales 18) did Orlanthi traditionalists try to drum
>up support amingst other (non Far Place) tribesfolk? What happened to
>these folk (given they were on the losing side in 'foreign' (i.e.
>different tribe's) lands)?

No political consequences. But they might have suffered wounds in the crushing of the Righteous Wind.

--Peter Metcalfe

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