Re: Initiate to Humakt *and* Initiate to Orlanth?Doable?

From: Santo_at_...
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 22:31:22 -0000

Oh yeah. I didn't see that bit.

> My own
> opinion would be to allow it -- it certainly might make for an
> interesting game. Other Humakti may sneer at him and Orlanthi look
> him askance. The poor fellow gets the worst of both worlds (and the
> best, of course)

Quite. He'll have a really hard time rising in position within either Cult, which is fine by me.

> Kinstrife is Kinstrife. There are no extenuating circumstances
(that I
> am aware of). It is a terrible tragedy and can only be expiated by
> outlawry or vast outporings of grief, woe and sacrifice. BUT he's
> himself effectively outlawry -- or at least left the Old
> I'd say in HIS case he's likely not an Orlanthi -- for his own sake
> safety.

Well, I think the PC wants to be Orlanthi, but in a dangerous position. That's fine by me - I think most of the PC's will end up being on the fringe of their already very unusual Clan. And it won't help when the Ghost of his Kinstrife-killed half-brother returns to haunt him an the Clan, assisted, of course, by the handy Shaman of Jakaleel the Witch..

Thanks a great deal for your help.

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