Re: All the Worlds...Which is Which???

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 00:20:37 -0800

> > I will repeat it: The Everything World is mixed, a place where the
> > Otherworlds overlap in conflict and Coordination. The Otherworlds
> > are unchanging and "pure."
> Okay, I've been trying to follow all this, but am getting a bit
> confused...Could someone (or more than one someone) list the 'worlds'
> and give some examples of what that 'world' contains...For example-

The Middle World, The Physical World - where normal people live. Sartar, Dara Happa, etc. all are here. It's what is normally meant when you talk of "Glorantha". The Middle World is a mix of all types of magic - Theist, Amnimist, Sorcerous, Draconic, Lunar, Chaotic, etc. etc., etc.

The Hero Planes, the GodsWar - "History you can visit". Past events are always taking place here. Most are from "Before Time", but some great events ripped the fabric of Glorantha and allow them to be "recreated" in the hero Plane - Castle Blue would be an example. Like the Middle Plane, it is mixed magic. Most "Otherworld" heroquesting takes place here. Te edges of Glorantha fade into the heroplanes if you go far enough out.

Three Otherworlds are listed in the main book. They inflict the Alien world penalty (page 198). One major feature of the "Big Three" is that you cannot cross from one to another directly - to go from the Gods World to the Spirit World you *must* pass through some mixed world - the Middle world, the Hero Planes, the Underworld, etc. This is an immutable lawof Glorantha (subject to "the Herowars are coming and all the rules are being broken")

The Gods Plane/World - It's where theistic magic comes from. Gods and Daimons live here. It is pure Theistic magic.

The Spirit Plane/World - Another of the biggies. Spirit of various sizes live here. It is pure Animist magic

The Essence Planes - the last of the three biggies. Essences live here, it is the source of Sorcerous magic. it is pure Sorcerous magic.

Then there are other Otherworlds, which sem to be mixed magic to one extant or another:

The Moon - source of "lunar magic" (see page 113, or ILH2 when it comes out). The magic is "Lunar" rather than mixed. Part of the moon is in the physical world, part is its own Otherworld.

The Underworld, Hell - Mixed magic, demons and trolls and things that go "bump" in the night live here. You can travel to it physically (fall down the Hellcrack, frex, or walk down certain stairways in various Obsidian Palaces, Castles of Lead, or Muse Ruse). Most humans put their "hell" down there.

"Short worlds" are special, limited Otherworlds, and each is pretty unique to itself. The dream World is one such.

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