All the Worlds...Which is Which???

From: kwintpendick <kwintpendick_at_...>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 06:23:19 -0000

> I will repeat it: The Everything World is mixed, a place where the
> Otherworlds overlap in conflict and Coordination. The Otherworlds
> are unchanging and "pure."

Okay, I've been trying to follow all this, but am getting a bit confused...Could someone (or more than one someone) list the 'worlds' and give some examples of what that 'world' contains...For example-

The Real World- Where you and I live. It is not found in Glorantha, but Glorantha is found in it...

Okay, maybe that's a bit cheeky, but I am confused by the use of the word 'world'...

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