Thunder Rebels

From: Graham Robinson <gjr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:54:09 +0000 (GMT)

Got my copy of Thunder Rebels in Glasgow on Friday. The rest of the weekend has been spent reading it.

This is definately the best book so far in the Hero Wars line. The 150 pages of background material are essential reading for anyone running or playing in an Orlanthi game, and useful for anyone running a game that includes the Orlanthi at all. It's also a surprisingly good read, with a few one liners that made me laugh.

Tucked away in there are some useful new rules - divination, sacrificing for specific divine aid, changing gods. Some of it may turn out to be specific to the Orlanthi, but much of it looks like it will be universally true.

There are a few disappointments. Biggest one is the keywords - we're going to have to wait for Storm Tribes before we get a playable female character. Its a shame they couldn't at least squeeze Vinga in. The new keywords invalidate most of the Heortling section of the main rule book, leading to the problem of which version of the game are you playing. Another reason for a second edition of the main rules as soon as possible. The maps, while nice, are too small, and too few to be really useful. Issaries will have to work out some way of getting decent maps to the masses. Sure, I use old RQ-era maps, but that isn't a great help to the new recruits. I'd certainly pay to have a detailed, A2 map of Dragon Pass, or pretty much anywhere else.

Overall, though, Thunder Rebels is a must buy. It really needs Storm Tribes for character gen, but otherwise is excellent. All my players are going to be strongly encouraged to buy a copy. Anyone with any interest in Glorantha will thoroughly enjoy this.


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