Re: King = Initiate

From: oswaldtrimling <oswaldtrimling_at_8y1qpQN0pmye7H87ioRFSEfAFA1KlUQDX_pbaXtFDHpWQXLw5RwOFFJDJQl64>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 20:05:26 -0000

Ooh, hark at him :)

> They might have to use their
> imaginations instead of being told what to do in the rules. Shock
> horror! As David Scott points out, it's odd that the rules lawyers never
> seem to quote YGWV or MGF.

Actually, I did. Only in the second post, mind you, but just sayin'...

To me, the idea of Kings being devotees of Dar seems obvious and logical. I confess that when I read HQ books and coming across something that makes sense to me, and is the way I expected it to be (say, 'Vinga is a woman'), my first reaction isn't 'hang on, that can't be right - Issaries wouldn't deliberately write something that made sense. Must be a mistake'.

Perhaps this is where I'm going wrong!            

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